Labour Confederation´s (Starfsgreinasambands Íslands (SGS)) negotiation committee expresses great disappointment due to the new Labour Court decision on the case of Labour Union for Electro Mechanical Specialists. This case took into consideration legality of strike among RÚV (national TV station) technicians because Employers Confederation (SA) had doubts about the legality of such strike. The Court concluded that it was not allowed to count votes in support of strike in many labour unions simultaneously. It did not take into consideration that it would be collective action.

Given that the current voting among members of Labour Confederation (SGS) is as well due to the collective action of many labour unions, Labour Confederation´s (SGS) negotiation committee decided to cancel the voting. However, it will be repeated within each labour union separately from others. It means, that previously planned strike by SGS may be delayed by two to three weeks. Updated schedule of actions will be introduced soon. And as a result of it, all members of Labour Confederation (SGS) (16 labour unions) will open for voting among their union members.

The main demand of SGS have been that minimum wages would be increased to 300 thousands kroners during next three years. In case if negotiating committees will not settle on amount that will insure decent living, SGS will be heading into uncompromising strike. Approximately 10.000 men, that are working in food-, fish- and meat-processing sectors; slaughterhouses, service sectors such as tourism and cleaning; construction, civil engineering, industry and transport sectors, will take part in the strike.

Best regards,

Verk Vest


Verkalýðsfélag Vestfirðinga er aðili að eftirtöldum landssamböndum innan ASÍ.